About Me

All right, you darlings, I’ve succumbed to your clamor. Autobiography!

Baby Irene’s foundation in show business began at a tap dancing school in the Bronx, at the tender age of three. Black patent leather shoes with black satin bows were my idea ofheaven! Move over Shirley Temple, my inner Baby Drag Queen had been born!

But my Finnish immigrant parents had other ideas, whisking me off to Brush Prairie, Washington, a budding megalopolis of 110. Nowhere to tap but cow pies, I was plucked and stuck.

Adulthood couldn’t come too quickly, I was going to be a star! And then I discovered men.

Yes folks, entertaining was superseded by being entertained by the indefinable, ever present male of the species. I was hooked, and that’s why it took me so long to get back to my first love, show business.

Oh, I flirted with it, toyed with it, dreamed of it, everything but did it! Who had time?

I was a bartender at Hamburger Mary’s in Waikiki, when I was offered an Equity contract to do Godspell, playing the part of the tramp.

It was a stretch, but I managed. I was a hit! This was the impetus to propel me headlong into my dreams of torch singer, comedienne, actress, and drag queen! Yes, my inner Drag Queen was screeching to get in on the act, how could I say no?

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Meet Irene

Irene Soderberg is a powerhouse performer, acclaimed in hundreds of clubs across the country. From Seattle to New York, Chicago to Denver, Key West to Portland, Provincetown to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Honolulu, Irene is well known for her live performances in theater venues, cabarets and benefits. Based in Los Angeles, Irene is involved in film, television, writing and music.

Irene creates her own material, whether it be costumes, comedy or characters, for a show that is larger than life. She makes every song her own with her unique interpretations; she is well known for creating ingenious special lyrics and parodies.

In addition, Irene has produced or performed in over 1000 AIDS benefits across the nation. She feels this is her most important work.

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Review Clips

This world class DIVA is a virtuoso performer… can steal any show she’s in!
- Odyssey LA

The best in the Business, had everyone in the room laughing and applauding.
- NY Cabaret Hotline

A one woman hurricane - laugh riot.
- Odyssey

A truly spectacular performer.
- Nightlife LA

Smolders Mae West-Style.
- Honolulu Advertiser

This mad-cap song and dance gal is a Big entertainer.
- NY Native

Irene Soderberg: I'M GONNA LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!
With a deep richly textured voice, this Diva knows how to sing, exciting and fun, be part of "The In Crowd".
- Michael Nelson, New York

Don't miss this SF legend - a big girl with a big talent.
- Bay Area Reporter

Fireball personality with a voice that won't quit.
- Boston Mirror

Riotous and bawdy blues singer-comedienne.
- NY Daily News

Awesome - Indiana Jones in a sequin gown.
- 4-Front Magazine